Rest and be thankful

Relative to its size, Scotland is the most geologically diverse location in the world. Yes, Scotland rocks! This diversity, though, is not confined to stone – it permeates from the earth into the very atmosphere and into the hearts of our visitors. It is the diversity that is endemic in a mature nation.

What do you know of Scotland? Dramatic mountains, rivers, lochs? The inventions of its people that affect our everyday lives? Its wildlife? Castles and grand houses? Art, literature, music? Highland hospitality? Highland hostility? History, legends, tales? Myth, majesty, murder.

Loch Garry Viewpoint

Loch Garry Viewpoint

We invite you to explore Scotland with us, experience its beauty, tranquility, heritage and culture. There is something for everyone and 21C Scotland will be delighted to assist you in
making the best of your time here and to start the process of falling in love with our country.

2 Responses to Home

  1. lourdes7 says:

    Well done, plenty of information, photographs, and good links. Hope all goes well in 2013.

  2. Brendan Corrigan says:

    Wonderful, makes me yearn for the ‘auld country’… Good luck in 2013!

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